Art Deco

I'm always studying different architectural styles and I wanted to create a scene in UE4 that's based on Art Deco. I modeled everything in 3D Studio Max, texturing was done in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I enjoyed working on this, hopefully it shows.

Jeff severson highresscreenshot00019
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00021
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00020
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00015
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00018
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00019a


Female Statue Art Deco 01 LP

Smoking Stand Art Deco 01

Art Deco Night Stand 01

Lamp Art Deco 02

Lamp Art Deco 01

Chandelier 01

Light Sconce Art Deco 01

Table Art Deco 01

Daybed Art Deco 01

Chair Art Deco 01

Bench Art Deco 01