The Temple

I revisited an old scene and updated it for UE4. I took my old Chinese Courtyard scene that I made in UDK and brought all the assets into UE4. I added SpeedTrees and a path leading up to a gate. Inside the gate is a courtyard with a temple. I created mountains for the background, added smoke/clouds near the mountains and a particle effect that has falling cherry blossom 3D meshes.

Jeff severson highresscreenshot00018
Jeff severson courtyard cam1 lowrez 01
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00007
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00023
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00003
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00013
Jeff severson highresscreenshot00014

Japanese Gate

Japanese Stone Lantern 01

Japanese Bell

Japanese Metal Lantern 01

Jeff severson highresscreenshot00000